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Hey! I'm Michael Jayne Walker, a musician and actor currently based in NYC.


I grew up in Connecticut surrounded by music. I studied piano from a young age, sang in various choirs, and started getting involved in school theatre productions in middle school. This lead to me attending NYU and getting a BFA from Tisch in drama and performing  in various regional, touring, and small weird New York productions. I also studied Shakespeare at RADA for a summer. In the past few years, I've been lucky enough to perform at such diverse venues as the Edinburgh Fringe, NYMF, and the Norwegian Escape. 

In 2015, I joined the Brooklyn-based glam punk party rock band The Manimals, giving me an opportunity to hone both my guitar and makeup skills.  Our Game of Thrones-inspired album, Seven, took us to several fan conventions in 2017. In May of 2019, the Manimals gave me the chance to combine my loves of theatre, rock and roll, and general nerd-dom by headlining Changeling: Waking Dreams, a blockbuster live-action roleplaying event in which the band played characters integral to the game's plot as well as a face-melting concert to conclude the event. For more Manimals info, check the link at the bottom of the Music page. Follow me on Instagram for day-of-show lewks.  

Most recently, I've been writing my own original music, focusing on a concept album inspired by the Nintendo 64 classic, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I pretty much always have my Nintendo on me, as well as a good book and a journal to capture whatever stray thoughts and lyrics float through my head. 

Thanks for stopping by <3

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